SDGs Declaration

Commitment to SDGs

Kyoto Grain System Co., Ltd. has been developing businesses to build a sustainable society based on its management philosophy of "bringing health and excitement to the food supply. We recognize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations and link the SDGs to our corporate actions to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Management Philosophy: "Bringing Health and Inspiration to eating habits".

Health means delivering reliable products to customers using safe raw materials in a safe manufacturing process. Inspiration is the pursuit and embodiment of added value in products, such as taste, novelty, rarity, and usefulness. In each of these activities, we exceed our customers' expectations and provide them with joy and happiness. In doing so, we aim to share the joy and happiness of our customers with all of our employees.

Guidelines for action

  1. Provide safe and secure foods.
  2. Explore new possibilities for agricultural products.
  3. Cultivate the spirit of "Mottainai".
  4. Cultivate a caring heart.

About SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are international goals for a sustainable and better world by 2030, described in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which was adopted unanimously by member states at the UN Summit in September 2015 as the successor to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) established in 2001. It consists of 17 goals and 169 targets, and pledges to "leave no one behind" on earth. SDGs are universal, not only for developing countries, but also for developed countries themselves, and Japan is actively working on them.

Excerpts from Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

About SDGs

KGS has established the following three major themes to recognize the ideas of the SDGs and to engage in business activities.

  • Food Design

  • Environmental Management

  • Social Harmony

Priority Issues and Goals

Food Design

Based on one of our action guidelines, "Provide safe and secure foods" we have established our own food safety policy and hygiene management standards to provide safer and more secure products. Based on the "Explore new possibilities for agricultural products" we will also work on the development of a variety of products to pursue the possibilities of food.

Priority Issues Details of Initiatives Relation to SDGs
Provide safe and secure foods. Maintain FSSC 22000 certification.
Reduction in the number of claims.
Pursuit of Food Possibilities. Development of various products.

Environmental Management

We aim to be an environmentally friendly food manufacturer by establishing our own environmental management policy based on one of our action guidelines, "Cultivate the spirit of Mottainai". We will work in accordance with Eco Action 21, an environmental management system established by the Ministry of the Environment, to promote and maintain the SDGs and environmental conservation.

Priority Issues Details of Initiatives Relation to SDGs
Climate change measures Reduction of CO2 emissions
Energy management and usage reduction
Increase in green product use
Contributing to a Recycling-Oriented Society Reduction and recycling of industrial waste
Utilization of Byproducts

Social Harmony

Based on one of our action guidelines, "Cultivate a Caring Heart," we will strive to foster a corporate culture in which employees can work together safely and securely, and in which diverse personalities are respected and their abilities are fully demonstrated. We also contribute to the development of local communities through our business activities.

Priority Issues Details of Initiatives Relation to SDGs
Employee Health and Safety Implementation of health management
Reduction of occupational accidents
Contributions to the Community Promotion of local agriculture

Activities of the project team

Activities of the project team

We select appropriate people from each department, we are forming a special team and are working on a continuous basis.
Each team conducts meetings once a month, checks the status of initiatives, and strives for improvement.

Food Safety Team We are working on matters relating mainly to hygiene management and hazard analysis. Based on our own food safety manual, we check 5S patrols, adaptation status of hygiene standards in the factory, review the rules, and strive to maintain food safety.
Safety and Health Committee We mainly review and revise risk assessment, and we revise and improve work environment. We are aiming for "no occupational accidents" through efforts related to factory tours, employee training, and employee health promotion.
Energy Conservation Team We are working to understand and data the resources used in our factories and to reduce the amount of resources used (energy saving). In addition, we are also working to reuse and recycle resources.