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We process agricultural products into beverage and food ingredients.

We process agricultural products into beverage and food ingredients.


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Are you a system company?
No, we are a company supporting
everyone's dietary life.

The grain we processed is used for many drinks and foods.

In Japan, the convenience stores are lined with many PET bottle beverage grain teas to reflect the health-conscious. We are changed to drink raw materials to process the grain material, they have been used in PET bottle beverage. Our processed raw materials are also used in sweets and bread, etc. In recent years, we are expanding the business from beverage to foods, health foods and pharmaceuticals.


We carry out heat treatment processing on agricultural products and we will process them to beverage /
food raw materials suitable for customer's request.
We are making reliable and safe products under the Food Safety Management System of FSSC 22000.

Beverage material
We manufacture it under strict data management so that it can be applied as raw material for PET bottle beverage.
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Food material
Please use it as raw material for cooking (time cooked), confection and Bakery ingredients.
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We will process with machines customized to our original and technology we cultivated.
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