We carry out heat treatment processing on agricultural products and we will process them to beverage / food raw materials suitable for customer's request.
The following content is an example, so if you have any requests, please contact us via the inquiry form.

Example of handling material

Brown rice, Sprouted brown rice, Polished rice, Thai rice, Barley (Japanese / foreign), Malt Barley, Soy, Black Bean, Red Bean, Corn, Pearl Barley, Millet, Barnyard, Quinoa, Amaranthus, Oolong tea, Jasmine tea, Pu'er tea, Green tea, Black tea、Dried vegetables etc.

※Please inquire about the details such as the origin of the material.
(Including supplies from our customers in the above)
※Depending on the order lot, it is also possible to change the shape (round grain, rough crush, fine powder etc.) and the degree of roasting.

Beverage material

  • Customer's request

    ・I want sweetness in blended tea.
    ・I want to make tea for watering out.
    ・I want to improve the efficiency of liquid extraction.
    ・I want raw materials from Japan. etc.


  • Offer from our company

    We propose more than 100 kinds of products according to your request.


  • To final product

    ・PET bottle drink
    ・Stick packaged beverage
    ・Tea bag


Brown rice tea

Roasted brown rice/ Roasted rice

Brown rice tea is a tea that added roasted rice with green tea. You can enjoy the fragrance and slight sweetness of roasted rice, and the aftertaste is refreshing.
We choose roasted rice, according to the quality of green tea.
The following items are an example, so please contact us for details.

  • Roasted brown rice L-31.5
    We use Japanese polished rice. It has a high degree of roasting and is often used for tea bag type brown rice tea.
  • Roasted rice FL-60
    We use rice made in Hokkaido, roasted color is a thin product. It is also used for food applications.
  • Roasted rice L-33.5
    We use polished rice from Thailand. It has a high degree of roasting.
  • Roasted brown rice L-28
    We use brown rice made in Hokkaido, germinate and roast. It is the most roasted color product among our roasted rice products.

Roasted barley tea

Roasted barley/ Roasted malt/ Roasted naked barley etc.

Roasted barley tea is a standard drink in the summer of Japan. It is also popular as a non-caffeine drink.
We deal with both Japanese and foreign barley.
We also handle roasted malt and roasted naked barley.
The following items are an example, so please contact us for details.

  • Roasted pregelatinized barley
    We use Japanese barley, steamed and dried and then roasted. Because it contains a steaming process, it is a relatively sweet product.
  • Roasted barley FL-37.5
    We use foreign barley and roasted. The roast color is slightly thin, and the shape is round grain.
  • Roasted barley(Crushed)
    We use Japanese barley and crushed after roasting. Because it is crushed, it is suitable for tea bags and watering out.
  • Roasted naked barley
    We can offer both Japanese and foreign naked barley. Because it removes the outer skin, there is a feature that makes it easy for fire to enter inside without scorching.

Cereal tea

Roasted black beans/Roasted pearl barley/Roasted corn/ Roasted green tea etc.

Roasted cereals other than rice and barley are also used as tea ingredients.
There are teas which used only one kind such as black bean tea or corn tea, but tea blended with multiple grains is also popular.
There are also regular items, but we will procure raw materials at your request and manufacture roasted goods.
The following items are an example, so please contact us for details.

  • Roasted black beans
    We use black soybean (Japanese / foreign) which is a member of soybean. It is characterized by sweetness and fragrance of black beans.
  • Roasted corn
    We use corn (Japanese / foreign). It is characterized by the sweetness and fragrance of corn and has little bitterness.
  • Roasted pearl barley
    We use pearl barley (mainly foreign) and are roasting processed. We offer a lot of crushed products.

Chinese tea

Oolong tea/Jasmine tea/Chinese roasted barley tea/Pu'er tea etc.

Our company's joint venture is located in Xiamen province of China and imports Chinese tea (Oolong tea, Chinese barley tea, Jasmine tea, Pu'er tea etc.).
Please inquire about the variety and grade of Chinese tea (grade set by Chinese standard).
The following items are an example, so please contact us for details.

  • Oolong tea
    Because it is manufactured by a joint venture, adjustment of the degree of roasting is also possible.
  • Oolong tea (cut)
    Because it is manufactured by a joint venture, shape change is also possible.
  • Jasmine tea

Food material

  • Customer's request

    ・I would like to make the cooking process easier.
    ・I want granola material.
    ・What is this material used for? etc.


  • Offer from our company

    We propose the following products etc.
    We will customize roasting color and granularity according to your request.


  • To final product

    ・Processed cooked goods


Raw materials for cooking

Pregelatinized rice

Pregelatinized rice (Sprouted brown rice/ Brown rice/ Polished rice)

Because we are conducting "Soaking+Steaming +Drying" at the factory, we can easily cook without dipping or washing rice.
(In the case of normal brown rice, it takes time to cook overnight and then it will take time.)
It is suitable not only for easy cooking as home use, but also for large quantity cooking as business use.

  • Pregelatinized Sprouted brown rice
    Sprouted brown rice is superfood that has further increased the brown rice power. By our technology, we are finishing products with less odor derived from sprouted brown rice.

Roasted Azuki beans

Roasted Azuki beans etc.

The Azuki bean is used in the preparation of red rice, and used on Japanese traditional celebratory dishes.
Because we are conducting "Soaking+Roasting" at the factory, we can cook easily in the rice cooker .
※In Japan, seki-han became a food that symbolizes happy events because people eat it.

  • Roasted Azuki beans
    It can be applied to sweet bean paste and Japanese sweets.

Raw materials for Confection & Bakery

Roasted soybean flour

Roasted soybean flour/Roasted soybean etc.【Organic* products are also possible】

Soybeans are rich in vegetable protein of good quality so called "meat of the field", and foods containing many kinds and minor amounts of minerals necessary for metabolism.
The advantage of roasted soybean flour is that its surface area is increased by powdering, its digestion and absorption properties are improved, and nutrients contained in soybeans can be efficiently incorporated into the body.
*Japanese Agricultural Organic Standard (JAS)

  • Roasted soybean flour
    It is roasted soybeans and powdered, so that contains all the nutrients of soybeans. It is called ”Kinako” in japan.
  • Roasted soybean
    We can offer Japanese, foreign and organic soybeans. It is also possible to offer round grains or rough crushed shapes.

Millet puff (crisp) items

Sprouted brown rice puff(crisp)/Rice puff(crisp)/Barley puff(crisp) etc.

These puff items are "alpha-converted (Steaming + drying)", roasted and swollen. We have other kinds of millet products as well. The feature of our products is that crispy texture and retain in the original shape.
Blending in dough increases the crispness. It helps to bulk up.
【Items:Sprouted brown rice, Polished rice, barley, Pearl barley, Quinoa, Amaranthus etc.】

  • Sprouted brown rice puff(crisp)
    It is characterized by the fragrance of brown rice and the sweetness of rice. Because it is bulky, you can give the product a volume feeling.
  • Rice puff(crisp)
    We use a small Japanese rice. Because it is small, the texture is light, and it can be used widely including topping and kneading into fabrics.
  • Barley puff(crisp)
    We are using Japanese barley that was polished. It is characterized by sweetness and fragrance of barley.
  • Glutinous barley puff(crisp)
    We are using glutinous barley which has been drawing attention because it is rich in water-soluble dietary fiber (β-glucan).

Pregelatinized rice powder

Pregelatinized rice powder(Sprouted brown rice/ Brown rice/ Polished rice)

This is steamed rice, it is what was to a fine powder.
Compared to rice flour milled raw rice, it is characterized by having a slight sweetness as it steamed once. Moreover, it is sanitary because it is performing heat treatment once.
It can be used as a substitute for wheat flour.

  • Pregelatinized rice powder
    Because we deal with various types of steamed rice, it is also possible to manufacture newly according to your desired lot.

Roasted rice powder

Roasted rice powder/Roasted sprouted brown rice powder

It is a roasted and powdered pregelatinized rice. Compare to rice flour, it is roasting aroma and crispy.
Mixing the roasted rice flour eliminates the need to place heavy stones on the tart.

  • Roasted rice powder
    Regular items are of 2 types, but because they deal with various types of roasted rice, it is also possible to manufacture newly according to the desired lot.
  • Roasted sprouted brown rice powder
    It is a product made into a powder of roasted sprouted brown rice.

Various powders

Green tea powder/ Roasted green tea powder/ Black tea powder/ Roasted barley tea powder etc.

Since it is made into a powder using an airflow crusher, relatively heat is hard to enter, it has characteristics that it hardly damages the flavor originating from the material.
It can be used for kneading in dough or chocolate, smoothie and so on.
【Items:Barley tea, Green tea, Roasted green tea, Black tea, Dried vegetables etc.】

  • Green tea powder
    It is powdered green tea. It is also possible to offer Matcha by request.
  • Roasted green tea powder
    It is roasted and powdered green tea. It is sweet and fragrant than green tea powder.
  • Spinach powder
    It is powdered dried spinach. It is manufactured with spinach only, without using excipients(Example: Dextrin etc.).
  • Green soybeans powder(prototype)
    It is dried crushed green soybeans. Because it uses boiled green soybeans instead of dried products, it is characterized by flavor remaining.