We gathered frequently asked questions about inquiries from customers.

Can we also purchase general consumers?

We are selling to manufacturers, but we do not sell to small retailers or consumers.

How much is the processing lot quantity of custom order?

When steam drying is necessary, we process at about 2 tons or more.
For roasting only, we process at about 500kg or more.
For powder processing, we process at 200 kg or more
Depending on the material used, lot-down is also possible, so please contact us once.

Can I make prototype requests?

We usually accept prototypes of projects that satisfy the above production lot.
We will prototype mainly using actual equipment. Since the quantity of raw materials necessary for trial production varies depending on the type of each line and raw material, we will inform you individually. (We start mainly from small prototypes and perform flow test according to the situation)


In addition, we may use a laboratory machine to confirm prototype sample prototypes.
Please contact us for availability of processing and cost of prototyping.

How about allergens?

In the existing line, there is use of “soybean · wheat · sesame”.(Soybeans use a dedicated line.)
We do not plan to increase the handling of other allergen materials, but please contact us once if you would like to process.

How about processing customer-designated raw materials?

Although we accept processing by the customer’s designated raw materials.
We will ask you to submit the standard papers stating the results of residual pesticide analysis results, the presence or absence of GMO, etc. and the safety confirmation materials.