Social Harmony

Social Harmony Initiatives

Based on one of our action guidelines, "Provide safe and secure foods" we have established our own food safety policy and hygiene management standards to provide safer and more secure products.

Goals to achieve the SDGs

Priority Issues and Details of Initiatives

Priority Issues Details of Initiatives
①Employee Health and Safety Implementation of health management
Reduction of occupational accidents
②Contributions to the Community Promotion of local agriculture

①Activities related to employee health and safety

Health Management Initiatives

We decided to use COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to reevaluate our efforts to maintain and promote the health of our employees. With one of our goals being to be certified as an "excellent health management corporation (small- and medium-sized corporations)" every year, we aim to ①materialize our efforts as a company, ②raise the awareness of each employee regarding health, and ③improve the workplace environment (creating an environment where each employee can work energetically for a long period of time).

About Health Management

"Health management" refers to the strategic practice of health management of employees from a managerial perspective. Based on the company's corporate philosophy, investment in the health of employees and others is expected to lead to increased vitality and productivity of employees and other organizational revitalization, resulting in improved business performance and stock price performance. Health management is one of the initiatives related to "extending the healthy life expectancy of the nation," which is positioned in the Japan Revitalization Strategy and the Future Investment Strategy.

Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has been selecting "Health Management Brands" since fiscal year 2014 as various commendation systems related to health management, and established the "Certification System for Excellent Health Management Corporations" in fiscal year 2016. By "visualizing" companies that engage in excellent health management, we are creating an environment in which employees, job seekers, related companies, and financial institutions can socially recognize them as "companies that think about employee health management from a managerial perspective and are strategically engaged in it. 【Excerpt from Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry website】

Certification of Excellent Health Management Companies
(Small and Medium-Sized Companies Division)

The certification period for "Excellent Health Management Corporation" is approximately one year, and annual application and certification are required to receive certification after April of the following year. We will check the status of our company's initiatives and continue to implement specific initiatives that meet the certification criteria.


We applied for the "Excellent Corporation for Health Management 2022 (Small and Medium-Sized Corporation Category)" and our efforts in "health management" were recognized as excellent, and we were certified as "Excellent Corporation for Health Management 2022 (Small and Medium-Sized Corporation Category)". (March 9, 2022)

Declaration of Healthy Workplace from Kyoto

As the first step toward certification as an "Excellent Corporation for Health Management 2022 (Small and Medium-Sized Corporations)," we submitted an entry for the "Declaration of Healthy Workplace from Kyoto," which is conducted by the Kyoto Branch of the Japan Health Insurance Corporation (Kyokai Kenpo). There are mandatory items and optional items for companies to choose from as part of the Healthy Workplace Declaration.

Required fields

  1. We follow the laws and regulations and take 100% of our medical examinations.
  2. We will increase the implementation rate of specific health guidance (first time) over the previous year.
  3. We encourage employees whose medical checkup results indicate that they need to be reexamined or treated to seek medical attention and prevent serious illnesses.

Choice fields

There are 40 items in total, divided into the following declaration categories: "Improvement of work environment," "Improvement of eating and drinking habits," "Promotion of exercise," "Measures against smoking," "Mental health measures," "Family health checkups," "Prevention of infectious diseases," and "Other (free text). We select two or more of these items to be original items for our company.We have selected the following items.

  • The cost of influenza and other vaccinations will be covered (in part).
  • Alcohol sanitizer solution will be installed and masks will be distributed.

The entry sheet for the "Declaration of Healthy Workplace" was submitted, and a "Declaration Certificate" was issued on September 7, 2021.

In addition to the above initiatives, the Company encourages employees to undergo periodic health checkups and provides attendance certification and locations for specific health guidance implementation time. More than ever, we will consider and implement measures to prevent lifestyle-related diseases and reduce the risk of morbidity.

②Contributions to the Community

Initiatives with Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture

With regard to barley for barley tea, which is used in roasted barley, one of our main products, we are working with Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture, producers, and the Kita-Biwako Agricultural Cooperative Association to establish local agriculture as a sustainable industry. We contribute to the "promotion of local agriculture," "improvement of producers' income," and "revitalization of the local economy.

Main Activity History

Main Activity History

2016 Started cultivation of barley for barley tea (production: approx. 110 tons)
Nurturing support for producers, exchange of information
2020 The three parties, Nagahama City, Kita Biwako Agricultural Cooperative, and Kyoto Grain System Co., Ltd.
Increased production of barley raw materials for barley tea (production volume: approx. 2,300 tons)
2022 Nagahama Plant of Kyoto Grain System Co., Ltd. was newly established and started operation to manufacture raw materials for barley tea near the production area.