About manufacture by commissioning(Assistance in development)

We also take orders for OEM.
We will process agricultural products into raw materials according to customer's wishes.
In order to differentiate ourselves from other companies' products, manufacturers have been asked to "have something that is not in the market", and we have been serving that.
Please contact us if you need anything.

  • 再利用したい
  • ラボでの研究内容を実機で試したい
  • 食感の硬い穀物を食べられるように加工して欲しい

Benefits of our OEM processing

There are plenty of trial production results.
(We will test the actual machine.)
Technical capabilities improved as trial production was repeated, and materials that could not be handled in the past could also be processed.
I own a laboratory machine, but most of the prototype is done using actual machine. Therefore, it is also characterized by a smaller difference in scaling up from prototype to manufacturing.
Original machinery and equipment
(Scale up is also possible.)
We are remodeling ourselves to original machines, we own equipment that other companies cannot imitate.
Because we possess several types, large and small lot processing lines, depending on the type, scale up of the same line is also possible.
Depending on customer's request and production lot, we are also flexible in improving equipment.
Acquisition of FSSC 22000
We acquired internationally recognized FSSC 22000 certification in 2012. All employees are working together towards food safety management.
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Processing technology

Since each manufacturing line is independent, we customize it according to customer's wishes.

Processing technology LOT Examples of processing results(Including trial production)
Steaming +Drying 2t~ Brown rice, Sprouted brown rice, Polished rice, Thai rice, Barley, Malt Barley, Soy, Black Bean etc.
Roasting 500㎏~ Rice, Barley, Naked barley, Malt Barley, Cereals, Black Bean, Azuki bean, Other beans, Corn, Roasted green tea, Mate, Other leaves etc.
Puffing (Crisping) 1t~ Sprouted brown rice, Polished rice, Barley, wheat variety, Millet, Quinua, Amaranthus, etc.
Soybean dedicated line 500㎏~ Mainly soybean flour
Pulverizing 200㎏~ Pregelatinized rice, Roasted rice, Other rice, Roasted barley, Roasted Azuki bean, Green tea, Black tea, Oolong tea, Roasted Mate, Other leaf, Dried vegetables etc.
Chopping of raw materials for herbal medicine Licorice, licorice, cinnamon, salacia, gymnema, fern etc.

Inquiry flow

step01 Contact Us

Please contact us by inquiry form.

step02 Meeting

We will ask you a few points, such as finished image, usage, raw material information.

step03 Trial production

We will make simple prototyping in a laboratory machine or prototype in an actual machine.

step04 Evaluation

Please tell us your evaluation.
We will re-prototype to meet your request.

step05 Estimate

step06 Production /Delivery

If you would like to view development examples, information 「Product Development」.

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