Environmental Initiatives

Currently, all employees are working together to acquire "Eco Action 21 certification".

About Eco Action 21

"Eco Action 21" is the Japanese environmental management system (EMS) formulated by the Ministry of the Environment.
The Ministry of the Environment has formulated ways for organizations and business operators to voluntarily undertake environmental efforts. It is based on a method to continually improve the performance called "PDCA cycle".
Based on this guideline, business operators will build, operate and maintain the construction of EMS. We will carry out our environmental efforts effectively, efficiently and continuously.

Action Guidelines of KGS Energy Saving Team

  • Energy management

  • Improve production equipment efficiency

  • Conversion to high efficiency equipment

  • Improvement of work environment and operation efficiency

Items of environmental burden to be grasped always

  • Energy consumption
  • Carbon dioxide emissions
  • Waste emissions
  • Water usage and drainage volume

Be sure to act

  • Energy saving
  • Management of energy consumption
  • Water quality management / Reuse
  • Improvement of environmental performance in products produced, sold and provided by themselves
  • Reduction of waste/ Recycling

Implementation content

Energy management

We are managing and operating the amount of energy used at our factory in the original unit table. At the Nara factory, the amount of electricity is constantly monitored by demand monitoring equipment (equipment that can check electricity usage). By monitoring, we avoid inadvertent power usage. In addition, by reflecting the forecast value at the time of production planning, production considering demand being implemented.

Improve production equipment efficiency / Conversion to high efficiency equipment

We grasp the operation status of each production line, identify bottlenecks and submit improvement proposals. We will introduce improvement cases of production facilities aimed at reducing production, energy and human loss.

  1. Introduction of vaporization type gas generator

    At our company Nara factory, we use LPG (liquefied propane gas) a lot. And we used a lot of electricity to vaporize LPG. By introducing a gas generator that utilizes the temperature of the atmosphere, we reduced electricity consumption by 92%.

  2. Installation of motor control device

    We switched the motor for production equipment in each production line to inverter control and reduced power consumption by 24%.

Reuse of product residue

Most of product residue such as crop waste generated at our factory is reused as livestock feed.
And sludge generated during wastewater treatment is reused as soil and fertilizer in the zoo.


At our factory, we record record all the processes the processes of receiving, manufacturing, shipping, and we are managing records so that internal tracing can be taken. These recording methods are mainly paper based. To reduce paper and simplify internal sharing, some departments are using electronic tablets by using tablet terminals.

Installation of wastewater treatment facility

Water used at the factory is returned to the river by controlling the water quality standards based on the ordinance at the wastewater treatment facility. We used some of the treated water for washing water and reusing sludge generated during processing to pasture fertilizer, contributing to reducing environmental burden.