Introducing “Roasted rice tea (Genmaicha)”

The recognition of Japanese “Matcha” has increased overseas, and matcha latte and matcha sweets have become popular. There are many types of Japanese tea besides matcha. “Hojicha,” “Sencha,” and “Brown rice tea (Genmaicha)” are gradually gaining recognition overseas. Introducing “Genmaicha”, one of the Japanese teas.

【Brown rice tea (Genmaicha)】

Brown rice tea

Brown rice tea is a tea that added roasted rice(brown rice/polished rice) with green tea. It is said that the origin of brown rice tea is that the rice cakes left over from the New Year are roasted, put in the leaves and drink by from the Japanese spirit of “mottainai”. By adding roasted rice, you can feel the sweetness of the rice and alleviate the bitterness of green tea. It is a tea that enjoys the aroma and taste of roasted rice. Also it is refreshing and easy to drink, so it is recommended for those who are not good at the bitterness of green tea and children.
In many cases, roasted rice and green tea are mixed in the same amount, but the ratio depends on your taste. Most of the tea leaves used for brown rice tea are relatively inexpensive “bancha”, but recently there are also high-end products using “sencha”, “gyokuro”, and “matcha”.

【Effect of brown rice tea】

Brown rice tea

Brown rice tea has the merits of both green tea and brown rice (polished rice). Green tea contains “catechins” that prevent colds and break down fat, “theanine” that has a relaxing effect, and “vitaminC” that has a whitening effect and antioxidant effect. When brown rice is used, ”γ-oryzanol” which has a blood circulation improving effect, “vitamin E,” which has an antioxidant effect, and dietary fiber can be ingested. Also, because it contains roasted rice, it has less caffeine than green tea.

【How to drink】

When using a kyusu, pour the hot water from the electric kettle directly into the kyusu. By using hot water, the fragrant aroma of roasted rice is enhanced.
Besides tea leaves, tea bags and powdered tea are also popular. Put an appropriate amount of tea bag or powdered tea in a cup and pour boiling water in the same way.

Add 4g of brown rice tea to the teapot.
hot water
Pour 200ml of 95 ℃ hot water.
Wait 30 sec.
Pour into a cup.

【Product: Organic Genmaicha KGS】

Organic Genmaicha KGS

We applied for the International Taste Institute for “Organic Genmaicha KGS“, which is a blend of organic roasted rice manufactured by our company and organic green tea leaf procured, and received evaluation.

The International Taste Institute, is the world leader in the evaluation and certification of consumer food & beverages by professionals.
International Taste Institute

It received the ” Award ☆”. 【Introduction page

Sensory Evaluation
Total Score 77%
First Impression 79%
Vision 86%
Olfaction 79%
Taste 68%
Final sensations 66%

It has a beautiful extract color and an excellent appearance, and was evaluated as having a good aroma. They also advised that adding the bitterness of green tea or adding flavors would improve the balance.

We manufacture a lot of various roasted rice. 【product
We can also prepare tea leaves and propose brown rice tea that suits your taste.
If you are interested, please contact us using the form.