Product information: “Roasted Rice Powder”

Gluten-free materials are attracting attention, and rice flour are becoming more popular. Most rice flour is made by processing raw rice into powder. If you use rice flour, it will have a mochi-like texture, and you can enjoy a different texture from wheat flour.
“Roasted Rice Powder” has different characteristics from general rice flour due to the difference in processing method.

【Roasted Rice powder】

Roasted Roce Powder

Point1 Gluten-free
Point2 Non-GMO
Point3 Chemical-free

“Roasted Rice Powder” is a product using from Hokkaido. Hokkaido, which is cool and has low humidity, is a famous rice-producing region, and Hokkaido-produced rice is very popular in Japan.
It is “alpha-convverted (steaming + drying)”, roasted and powdered. The steaming process breaks down the starch and brings out the sweetness of the rice powder. In addition, the roasting process makes it more fragrant and crispy than rice flour.

Raw Material       :  Rice
Country of Origin      :  Japan
Shelf life (before opening) :  360day
Strage Temperature    :  Normal

【Manufacturing Process】

First, soak the raw rice, let it absorb enough water, steam it, and dry it. Since we manufacture roasted rice for PET bottled beverages, we manufacture about 20 tons of steamed and dried rice per day. By steaming, starch is saccharified and brings out the original sweetness of rice. After steaming and drying, it is roasted and powdered. Since it is sufficiently heat-treated, it is possible to control microorganisms. In Japan, it is used as a raw material for bread and confectionery.




We are not actively developing recipes, but here are some simple examples of using roasted rice powder.
In addition to the following, it is used for biscuit dough and powdered beverages.

【Recipe : Tartlet dough】

Tartlet dough

Adding gluten-free rice flour makes the dough crispy texture. In addition, since the swelling can be suppressed, the trouble of placing heavy stones can be saved and the work becomes easier.

■Unsalted butter    … 200g ★
■Flour         … 380g ★
■Roasted Rice Powder  …  20g ★
■Salt           …  4g  ★
■Sugar          …  10g ★
■Egg yolk          … one  ☆
■Cold water       … 50ml ☆

Put in a food material
Put ★ in a food processor ant stir.
Add others
Add ☆ and stir further.
The dough
Combine the dough and let it sit for 1 hour.
Stretch it
Stretch it to a thickness of 3mm and lay it in a mold.
Before bake
Drill with a fork and bake in an over at 180℃ for 15-20min.

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